Have a Birthday Party with Silent Disco 4 Kids

Imagine a children’s disco partywhere there is peace and quiet, where all the children are engaged in dancing and other silent activities.

Party Higher organises silent discos for kids of all ages. Children from 6 to 17 will enjoy them immensely. With our high quality wireless headphones and three different stereo channels,the music can be programmed to suit all ages and tastes of music.

Our specialty is silent disco parties and our kid’sparty DJ’s are totally hip and keep up with the latest music. Your kids will love them and you will love that your kids are silentlyentertained. When you allow us to help you organise your event expect ourprofessionalchildren’s party DJ to run interactive headphone games that will keep all the children fully engaged and entertained the whole party. All the children will enjoy. Many times even the adults can’t help themselves but to join in on allthe FUN! Your guests will walk away saying “That was the best party we have ever been to.”

Allow Party Higherto create a forever lasting memory for you and your childwith our kid’s disco party ideas. We will turn your garage or lounge room into a full on DISCO dance party!Don’t have room in your house or garage – No problem, Party Higher Silent Disco 4 Kids can run your party anywhere – in a hired room, hall café, garden, beach or park. Contact us to find out more.

Choose your own play list

All of our headphones have a volume control on them and are pre set to ensure that the volume levels are safe for children of any age.Party Higher Silent Disco 4 Kids are the only mobile children’s disco parties that allow the birthday person to have their very own playlist playing. (That’s right; your child can provide us with their own playlist tobe played on one of the three channels.

“Thank you so much Party Higher Silent Disco 4 Kids. The lighting, lazers and whole set up in our home was so cool. I loved that the headphones lit up different colours for the three channels too. You Rock! ” – Ilana, Bialik College (16 year old party)

We had Silent Disco theme party for my 8 year old daughter and 19 friends. They all had a great time!
They loved rocking to their favourite songs, so much so that it was hard to bring the party to an end.
In my daughters own words, “the Best party I’ve ever had.” Karin – South Caulfield

This was the best party my 10 year old daughter has had and has ever been to.The kids were engaged and there was never a dull moment. There were ‘WOWS’ coming from the children and their parents alike as soon as they entered the room.All the kids had so much fun and they have been raving about the party.Vicki – Mckinnon

Please check out our videos on our home page of a few kids’ silent disco parties and our B SEEN Gallery page for pictures. We are able to provide packages for all budgets. If you are interested in our kids disco for hire,call our toll FREE number on 1300 7 DISCO to find out more or click on our Booking Enquiry form to find out if your event date is available.



Party higher Guarantee that the Birthday boy/girl and your guests
will have an absolutely Great, Fun & Exhilarating experience
or your money back*

*If for any reason any particular person does not enjoy
their Silent Disco experience then Party Higher will provide
a Full refund on that person or persons if dissatisfied.
(Subject to Party higher DJ/Party Facilitator running the event)